Samantha Profile

Samantha Boggess Coaching is all about you - an amazing woman desperately wanting to pursue the passion and purpose that God has put in her heart. A woman who doesn't have all the answers, but is willing to step out and bravely discover the next step.


I believe that we reach our greatest victories when we are able to launch from the security of a supportive and loving community: a community that understands our fears, struggles, doubts and weaknesses and that builds us up, helps us to be accountable, and strengthens us in those areas where we are weak.


My passion and purpose is creating those communities and providing the coaching and guidance that women need to step out in faith and create brave, bold, beautiful and fully engaged lives and businesses.


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. In 2006, I got my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as a single mom, working 60 hours a week, and going to school full time. For years, I've used that degree and the business education I got growing up to pursue a "traditional" career in the accounting field. But always, my mind and heart longed to build a business of my own where I could combine my love for business strategy, processes, and systems, with my passion for helping women break molds and explode expectations. I have loved watching so many friends find success in direct sales and other online businesses and I knew that the time had finally come for me to create something of my own.


Like all of you, I have experienced trials and heartbreak. I have had broken marriages and broken family relationships. I am currently 3 years into parenting a young adult who struggles with addiction and all of the problems that come along with that journey. I have experienced crisis, most recently when my husband nearly died in an auto accident two years ago. Through all of this, I have learned that faithful action is the antidote to fear, and that with Christ and clarity, I am able to joyfully live in alignment with my values, be fully engaged in my life and relationships, and abundantly love my family in spite of any circumstance. 


Now, the time has come to take everything I know - about values, integrity, boundaries, faith as well as business, leadership, and community - and use it to help empower women to find joy, strength and their versions of success and freedom.


I'm blessed to be married to my amazing husband, Ryan, and between the two of us, we have 5 children - 4 boys and our only daughter. When we're not parenting our 4 young adults and preschooler or working our day jobs and side biz, we love to road trip, take cruises, or just enjoy a great meal out.


Core Values and Commitment


Engaging in Community

I believe that we can only learn, grow and thrive in community. Our communities are our families, friends, groups, and teams. I value the time and commitment necessary to help our communities thrive and I live with an attitude of loving service and encouragement. I respect those in our communities and help them to become braver and more fully engaged by being willing to speak the truth even when it's hard. 


Engaging Wholeheartedly

I believe that we find success in life and business when we approach both from a wholehearted perspective. I understand that our personal and business lives effect each other and our communities. I also know that success comes only when we are able to celebrate the victories, both big and small, while willingly embracing the discomfort of the challenges and fears that a fully engaged life and business brings.


Engaging with Integrity

I believe that God honors our sincere attempts to do the right thing even when no one is watching. I believe that integrity means being fully present where we are and giving our attention and effort to the task at hand. I also believe that integrity means that our actions align with our values - both in our personal lives and in our businesses. I know that trust comes as people see us keeping our word to ourselves and others. 


Engaging with Consistency

I believe that the key to any great purpose is consistent effort over time and intentional commitment. I understand that our character and businesses grow with small, daily attention. I believe that consistent, daily progress results in greater success than random grand gestures. I believe that our communities are strengthened by our diligence and dependability.