Are you trying to boldly pursue your passion, but deep inside you hear the whisper of “who do you think you are?”


Do you feel called to a purpose but secretly believe that God blesses other people, not you?


Are you ready to step out in faith, but feel like faith in your life means trusting God in suffering, not receiving His abundant blessings?


Do you long to live a brave, bold, beautiful and fully engaged life and to run your business the same way, but you’re afraid of rejection and failure?


My friend, I have been there. Some days, I still hear those lies in my head and my heart. That’s why I’ve created the Fully Engaged Life Community on Facebook. This group is our community - our place to come together, chat, build friendships, and help each other choose daily to be a little braver, a little bolder, a lot more beautiful, and fully engaged – in our lives and our businesses.

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