I Hate Running


I have a neighbor who has a shirt that says “I Hate Running.” Or Running Sucks. One of those. The sentiment is the same. He’s a track coach I think. He wore the shirt when he ran a half marathon with his wife.

I just started learning to run, trying to run, running (mostly walking), whatever. Again. I’ve wanted to be a runner for years and years. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s a thing. Most of the time I start this process by setting a goal that I’m going to run a half marathon. Have you ever intentionally and mindfully driven 13.1 miles before? I have, and what I’ve learned is that I barely can stand to mindfully drive that far so I don’t know why I would want to run that far.

I begin a lot of things by setting huge goals, because setting a huge scary goal feels like what I should be doing. I also quit a lot of things because I’m so focused on the huge goal that I get easily discouraged by how far off it is. And I struggle to appreciate where I am right now. And I fail to enjoy the process or learn from it because I’m too focused on where I’m not instead of appreciating and taking note of where I am.

I think there are a lot of lessons in this. Random lessons that are certainly learned and reinforced elsewhere. Start small. Create a habit. Be realistic. Find what works for you. Be intentional and mindful. Respect your body. Respect the process. New things are hard for everyone. Don’t compare. Sidewalks really are harder than asphalt.