It's All Fun and Games...

It's all fun and games

Ladies, I struggle with fun. The whole cutting loose, laughing, playing, wasting time thing is a little hard for me. I'm self-conscious, reserved, and hate feeling foolish. I frequently obsess that I laugh too loud, I shouldn't have said that, I shouldn't have done that.

In short, I still struggle with wanting to be "cool."

Family Fun Time

Have you ever had that moment when you've just enjoyed a period of fun, games and laughter with people you love, and you feel closer to them? You're more in-sync with each other. There's a settled feeling that comes from simply enjoying each other.

With my older kids, we love to play cards. We’re pretty competitive, but in a fun way. Nobody has rage-quit a game in years, although that may be because I don't let them play Monopoly anymore.

But when it comes to playing with my 4 year old, I’m clueless most of the time. Is there really a mom out there who loves playing “make believe” with toy trucks, characters from 3 different shows, and blocks? Probably, but I am not that mom.

If you go to my Facebook wall, you’ll see weekly, sometimes daily stories of the things that Levi has said or done that just tickle my soul. He’s bright and funny and full of personality. And he’s still at that age where he is delighted by some of the littlest or oddest things.

He makes me laugh, frequently while his daddy is trying to discipline him. It’s really hard to discipline a child when you’re laughing so hard you can’t talk.

Luckily, Levi and I love to cook together, and in that hobby, we're able to have fun and be a little silly. We also love to take funny-face pictures together. This is how we play.

In real life, when I’m just hanging out with my friends or my husband and kids - the ones who already know I'm not cool, but love me anyway - I’m funny!


Roll on the floor, tears streaming, can’t speak funny. Even though sometimes the teens don't realize just how funny I really am. Whatever. It's their loss.

And then I get in work-mode and I’m all formal and stiff. I struggle to make the words and the message sound like me with some personality.

Can We Have a Little Fun in Business Please

I have a friend who’s partnered with Plexus, and in Plexus we deal with gut health so we deal with a lot of stuff concerning poop. Girls, she’s got poop pajama pants, poop shirts, and a poop key-chain.

She embraces the ridiculous and the absurd. She’s taking her business and having fun with it!

I’m convinced that the fun is what helps her to get through the hard times, the late nights, the rejection and the judgement that come with choosing to go outside the mainstream.

And if you’re living a values-based life and running a values-based business, you’re frequently going to find yourself outside of the mainstream.

Have you ever seen Marie TV? Marie Forleo cuts it up on there. Even her intro is a little quirky and fun! 

I'm not saying we all need to be rocking the poop pajama pants or cutting it up on videos, but can we embrace a little more fun at work?

Can we do a little more chair dancing to good music when things feel a little jammed up in our brains? Can we let a little more of our quirky, uncool side peek through in our writing or conversations? 

Let's Chat...

How does fear - of rejection, of being "uncool," of feeling awkward or ridiculous - keep you from embracing fun and laughter in your life or business?

What is your favorite way to take a stress-relieving fun-break when things feel overwhelming?

What is your favorite way to have fun with and connect with those closest to you?